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I have learned more about the way things work ffrom robotics than any other thing I've ever done. I can fix things as complicated as laser printers, and as delicate as ladies' watches, because of the experience I've gotten from robotics. When you take some old thing of the neighbors' apart, and then tell them, yes, that broken mouse is now telling my robot where it is, you see just the hint of a smile on their face. I have learned to ask questions. That seems obvious, but very important: IF YOU ASK PEOPLE THINGS THEY WILL TELL YOU!! Knowing this one fact give me immense power and knowledge, and I learned it from robotics.
So, no, I do not plan on using robot minions to take over the world anytime soon (I can do that sigle handedly), but the things robotics has taught me about life, technology, and people are invaluable.

Plus, it's pretty damn cool, too.